Warranty Disclaimer


All Evans Joinery products are sold “as-is” and without any warranties of any kind. As with all high-quality wood products, variations in grain, color, knots and other markings or distinguishing features will vary with each piece. As such, perfect conformance with photos, representations and marketing materials is not possible.


Wood is an active material that changes with temperature and humidity. Warpage and/or shrinkage can occur, especially when shipping to climates that vary dramatically from the location where the product was prepared.


Waiver of Jury Trial and Binding Arbitration


The purchaser hereby agrees that any and all claims (contractual, statutory, common law or otherwise), disputes, or any legal proceedings that are either related to or arise out of the purchase of any Evans Joinery products, shall first be submitted in good faith to non-binding mediation, before a neutral mediator jointly selected by the parties or, in the absence of agreement, as designated by the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”). The parties agree to participate in mediation in good faith and make good faith efforts to resolve any claims, disputes, or legal proceedings listed above. To the extent that the good faith mediation efforts are unsuccessful, all such claims and disputes shall be decided by binding arbitration by AAA in accordance with the applicable AAA rules. Any such mediation and/or arbitration shall be held in Orange County, California. Each party agrees to bear their own attorney fees and costs, including expert witness fees. This agreement, and any claims or disputes referenced above shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.